About Us

About Us

Leaders in International AI Ethics

Driven by a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face in an ever-evolving world, the founders provide a comprehensive service that  bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology, real-world business needs and Governance. Through years of research, development, and close collaboration with industry leaders, Ethos Engine AI has emerged as a force, empowering companies to new realms of growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage by seamlessly integrating responsible AI into their core strategies and operations.

Building for the Future

We have humanity and the future in mind. Sustainability and responsible AI are at the forefront of innovation.

Industry Expertise and Education

Leaders in ethics and AI governance with years of education and experience. Each member of the Ethos Engine AI team is trained on how to build with ethical frameworks.

Stakeholders and Network

We are members of the AIPP Government & Women in AI Ethics. Our network consists of leaders in AI ethics, AI development and communities of successful leaders in AI.

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AI and Sustainability should go hand in hand

Ethos Engine AI Labs Employs the best professionals to create sustainable solutions such as LiveEgen that is assisting in Livestock management using AI and computer vision.

LiveEgen a sustainable solution for healthy livestock management.
Founder and CEO

Kira Kaur

With a multidisciplinary background in law, philosophy, machine learning, AI governance and extensive experience building cutting-edge Generative AI and AI projects, Kira offers a unique and comprehensive approach to business analysis. Drawing from years of hands-on industry knowledge, she provides tailored solutions that strategically integrate artificial intelligence to drive growth, efficiency, and innovation for organizations. Her expertise lies in conducting thorough assessments, identifying opportunities for AI implementation, and developing ethical, responsible solutions that align with specific business goals. Whether optimizing operations, enhancing decision-making, or unlocking new revenue streams, Kira leverages her diverse skill set to deliver tangible results and position businesses for long-term success in the AI-driven landscape. 

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